Iceland WeddingJasmine & Mike

I have so many things to say about this Iceland Wedding. First, let me tell you that the ~24/24h daylight… is in the top 10 of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced. I’m a night owl so naturally, I was excited about the longer days for shooting and assumed that shooting around midnight would be no problem at all since I usually go to sleep between 1am and 3am.

Well, let me tell you that, no, that kind of daylight is not what you think it’s gonna be. In my case, anyway. I felt exhausted the whole time I was there. Kinda like my body would not ever truly rest, it was always a 65% deep sleep. Or light sleep, rather. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed so much caffeine in such a short amount of time. I was probably drinking 10 espressos/strong coffees per day.

Actually, the day that Jasmine and Mike met me in Reykjavik, I already had so much coffee, I couldn’t stop talking. Haha, it’s great that we got along so well since I was afraid I might scare them off!

Also, have you heard the expression “Braving the elements”? Because that’s what it felt like in Iceland. It was the lack of good/deep sleep, the wind, the rain, the low and heavy (excessively depressing) skies on bad weather days (98% of the time), the rough grounds, rocks and sharpness and raw nature. Working in Iceland – at least in my experience – was a challenge. It was cold and so windy sometimes that I would run towards my couple, to escape the cold and shoot faster for them not to freeze to death, and I wouldn’t move. Impressive.

But Iceland was special on a personal level. It was full of awakening moments and times where I went beyond what I thought I was capable of. I went on hikes and when it should have hurt, it didn’t. Small things, maybe, but it meant a lot to me and made me feel stronger. It made me feel a little more whole. And finally, I was able to be myself, and even better, ok with myself.

So I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot those two in Iceland. It was a cathartic trip that I’ll never forget, especially the crazy bird attack, falling on my butt in slo-mo on Reynisfjara, laughing to tears with my couple, feeling grounded and whole… And happy.


vik iceland photographer Reynisfjara black beach iceland Reynisfjara Reynisfjara elopement photographer iceland Reynisfjara black beach iceland Reynisfjara iceland photographer Reynisfjara beach moody photographer iceland © Anne-Claire Brun romantic photos iceland lupine iceland flower ©Anne-Claire Brun Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon ©Anne-Claire Brun Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon photographer Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon photos iceland wedding elopement photographer ©Anne-Claire Brun iceland wedding photographer iceland elopement photographer glacier iceland Svartifoss photos Svartifoss iceland wedding elopement photographer Svartifoss iceland must see iceland fjords iceland weddings elopement photographer ©Anne-Claire Brun Búðakirkja photos Búðakirkja black church iceland Búðakirkja wedding photographer iceland Reynisdrangar iceland iceland wedding photographer ©Anne-Claire Brun Kirkjufell iceland must see intimate couple shoot iceland iceland photographer iceland elopement iceland wedding photographer iceland wedding photographer elopement photographer iceland ©Anne-claire Brun hot springs iceland couple wedding photographer iceland Wedding photographer Reynisfjara beach iceland Reynisfjara beach iceland must see Reynisfjara beach iceland Skógafoss Skógafoss Skógafoss Skógafoss Wedding photographer ©Anne-Claire Brun Skógafoss couple photos Skógafoss road trip iceland Mývatn hot spring geysir Mývatn photos Blue lagoon hot spring vik photographer Vik Wedding Photographer Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss couple photos Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss Iceland photographer Iceland Wedding Photographer Iceland wedding Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss Anne-Claire Brun



Photographer: Anne-Claire Brun Photography

Venue: Iceland & Airbnb


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Fairytale Wedding in the French CountrysideAmélia & Paul

Fairytale Wedding in the French Countryside Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches

I don’t know where to start with this one! You see, I was very anxious to shoot it because I knew it was going to be a three days wedding, starting in Paris. I also knew there was going to be a ton of (amazing) decoration since the bride and groom work in the industry and had started the planning years prior.

It was a lot of back and forth emails to organize everything and the day before, I ended up staying in Paris, in a lovely apartment. I remember being so excited I barely slept during the three days! As a result, I was running on coffee… and well, some sunshine.

I work with a lot of videographers, although not always, but this time, I became fast friend with him,  like a friend you make on the first day of a camping trip as a child, and spend the rest of the summer having a blast with. The entire vendor crew felt like friends after the three days I must say! It was a lot of running around, laughing, capturing (or attempting to capture!) every single details that made that wedding so special and beautiful.

Amélia and Paul have been together forever. They met really young and made it through thick and thin. It was so touching to hear about their story and how they’re still so much in love with each other. Of course, I loved all the fabulous details, the insanely gorgeous flowers everywhere, the swing for the ceremony and the whole fun, relax picnic vibe throughout the entire week end, but, for once, I also really loved the behind the scenes, the cute accommodations and being so exhausted and laughing to tears, trying to make coffee with a broken machine at something A.M.

People were all so supportive and fun, the food was fantastic (but of course, living in the US now, everything I eat in France IS fantastic) and I couldn’t tell you what I loved most. I know one thing for sure, I’ll never forget this wedding, were I to shoot weddings for another 50 years :D

So here, Amélia & Paul, thank you for choosing me to capture this incredible wedding, it truly was one for the books. I wish you all you could possibly want and more.

Fairytale Wedding in the French Countryside

Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Photographe mariage francen Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Nymphea's factory mariage Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun Mariage au Manoir des Prévanches ©Anne-Claire Brun

Fairytale Wedding in the French Countryside





Venue: Manoir des Prévanches
Photographer: Anne-Claire Brun
Videographer: Celmastory (Julien Grillot)
Bride’s dress (Friday): Shine Ateliers
Headband: Tand3m
Bride’s dress (Saturday): Under the Apple Tree Paris (Sunday): Lucie Fouquet
Bride’s shoes: Jimmy Choo, Dessine Moi Un Soulier, Patricia Blanchet
Lace: Sophie Hallette
Belt and golden leaves: Maison Sabben
Jewelry: Histoire d’Or
Make up: Chanel Beauty
Hair: Simone
Flowers: L’Usine À Pétales, Bloom’s : fleurs de saison & Bergamotte
Boutonnières: L’Usine À Pétales
Doors: Ô Bonheur Des Dames
Deco : Team Nymphea (Amelia & Paul) & L’Or de ce Jour
Vintage finds: Big Day Bazaar
Front lettering: Les Mignonneries
Wedding band book holder: Décorer le Bonheur
Livre d’or home made: Elise Jamet
Cake topper & Guests brooches: Les Petites Découpes
Urn: Bonjour Josette
Menus: Mister M Studio
Biscuits: Coney Cookies
Year surprise: Cecile & Team Nymphea
Card game: Un Beau Jour (customized by Cachemire Et Soie)
Officiants: Diane Duquesne & North
Groom’s tux: Samson Sur Mesure & Atelier NA paris
Groom’s shoes: Bobbies
Groom’s Bow tie: Le Colonel Moutarde
Groom’s Hair: Loft by Denis

Pfeiffer beach Big Sur Engagement PhotosAlisa & Chris

Pfeiffer beach Big Sur Engagement Photos

I met Alisa and Chris for the first time in San Francisco. I was excited to work with them since I loved their taste and the locations their picked : they wanted Pfeiffer beach Big Sur Engagement Photos and their wedding was going to take place in Sequoia Retreat Center, which is one of my favorite venues in California.

Not only was I moved by their relationship, how sweet they were with one another, but I also loved their connection and the fact that they laughed so much together.

After meeting them and the engagement session in Big Sur, I couldn’t wait for their wedding!


Big Sur wedding photographer Big sur engagement pictures Big sur photos Big Sur engagement Big Sur Big Sur Wedding Photographer Big Sur wedding photographer


Anne-Claire Brun Photography


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