Camp Ocean Pines WeddingStaley & Ronnie

Camp Ocean Pines Wedding

Staley and Ronnie’s Camp Ocean Pines Wedding happened in Cambria, California. The ceremony was held on the coast, overlooking the pacific and the wind… was definitely part of the celebration!

I loved how we took some time to go to the beach for some couple photos after the cocktail hour, and we walked together as far as we could. We were greeted by seals and almost fell in the water a few times but it was so worth it!

Who said April is too early to get married? I say it’s perfect :)


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Camp Ocean Pines Wedding


Dress Designer: Anais Anette, from Solstice Bride
Groom Designer: Bonobos
Venue: Camp Ocean Pines 
Cake Designer: Donut cake
Musicians/DJ: DJ Mano Gil
Accommodation:Camp Ocean Pines cabins
Photographer: Anne-Claire Brun
Bride’s Shoes: ballet shoes
Jewels/accessories: Claire Pettibone earrings and headband
Custom veil by The Williamsburg Seamster
Day of Coordinator: Monica Delsi, Buonasera Events
Officiant: Sandy White

Wahclella Falls Intimate WeddingLaurie-Joy & Cyril

Wahclella Falls Intimate Wedding

So, yeah. This. I’ve been wanting to shoot a wedding in Oregon since the beginning… And thanks to Laurie-Joy, I got to shoot a Wahclella Falls Intimate Wedding.

Laurie-Joy and Cyril wanted to elope in the US. We were in touch for a while before they decided on a date. They wanted an old friend to marry them and the four of them to celebrate together. It was a little hike to the waterfalls and it wasn’t that warm… But once there… I couldn’t even tell you, I was so absorbed by the breathtaking beauty. Wahclella Falls is in my top 10… huh… no, make that my top 5 places to get married at.

I’m always saying it: it’s about the people… but feelings are simply highlighted by surrounding beauty. And if I’m inspired, I feel like I can do anything. That’s why I like those gorgeous wedding locations so much: the humbling beauty is a switch to my creativity (by the way, if you wonder, my top 5 is Yosemite, Wahclella Falls, Joshua Tree, any national park around Vegas – Grand Cayon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Anteloppe Canyon… – ok, I guess I’m cheating a bit. But anywhere that makes you feel… Connected.)

So that was for the location. Then let me tell you about this insane dress: Salomé Gautard is a french wedding dress designer who create unique wedding dresses for each of her brides. She’d be the one I’d contact for my wedding dress ;)

And finally, Laurie-Joy and Cyril, one of my favorite couples for 2016. They were kind and sweet, fun and, just like me, incredibly romantic. I was so glad when they contacted me and told me they wanted no one else (those words have a way of making me float amongst clouds for a while). We liked the same things and it was freeing to work with them: they let me be as creative as I wanted, willing to do anything (including walking into cold cold cold water, just to capture the… Oh wait, that’s for later, there is a trash the dress session as well :D —> Here.

Just scroll down, I’ll shut up now :p — Laurie-Joy and Cyril – thank you!!!


Wahclella Falls Intimate Wedding Wahclella Falls Intimate Elopement Wahclella Falls Intimate Wedding Wahclella Falls Intimate Elopement


Vendor List:

Venue: Wahclella Falls, Oregon

Photographer: Anne-Claire Brun

Wedding dress: Salomé Gautard

Doughnuts: Voodoo Doughnuts


Day after on the beachShelley & Gabriel

Day after on the beach

After shooting their wedding in Mount Tam, Shelley and Gabriel were up for a day after on the beach and I couldn’t wait. If you don’t know what a day after session is, it’s the day following the wedding (it can be anytime after, really) and we take photos in jaw-dropping places, just for fun.

It’s also call trash the dress, in case the bride is willing to do crazy things that may (or may not ;p) result in a dirty, sometimes torn, dress. That would be for the more intense trash the dress like something underwater, with sharks (just kidding).

Why would they want another photoshoot, you ask? Well, sometimes, if they hired another photographer of course, they aren’t happy with their wedding photos and want some redone as a second chance. When I shoot their wedding, it’s because I didn’t steal them long enough from their guests and we decided we wouldn’t bother with couple photos on the wedding day and just do it the day after… And sometimes, it’s because they couldn’t pick their dream venue but still want photos in the spirit of it so we do them on a different day. I like when we shoot it the day after because they look the same, so it’s not really cheating ;p

So anyway, day after session are fun. If you don’t feel like leaving your guests at all on your wedding day, this is a really awesome alternative. Thank you again Shelley and Gabriel! I loved creating with you guys!

Day after on the beach

Day after on the beach Day after on the beach Day after on the beach Day after on the beach Day after on the beach Day after on the beach