Wahclella Falls Intimate WeddingLaurie-Joy & Cyril

Wahclella Falls Intimate Wedding

So, yeah. This. I’ve been wanting to shoot a wedding in Oregon since the beginning… And thanks to Laurie-Joy, I got to shoot a Wahclella Falls Intimate Wedding.

Laurie-Joy and Cyril wanted to elope in the US. We were in touch for a while before they decided on a date. They wanted an old friend to marry them and the four of them to celebrate together. It was a little hike to the waterfalls and it wasn’t that warm… But once there… I couldn’t even tell you, I was so absorbed by the breathtaking beauty. Wahclella Falls is in my top 10… huh… no, make that my top 5 places to get married at.

I’m always saying it: it’s about the people… but feelings are simply highlighted by surrounding beauty. And if I’m inspired, I feel like I can do anything. That’s why I like those gorgeous wedding locations so much: the humbling beauty is a switch to my creativity (by the way, if you wonder, my top 5 is Yosemite, Wahclella Falls, Joshua Tree, any national park around Vegas – Grand Cayon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Anteloppe Canyon… – ok, I guess I’m cheating a bit. But anywhere that makes you feel… Connected.)

So that was for the location. Then let me tell you about this insane dress: Salomé Gautard is a french wedding dress designer who create unique wedding dresses for each of her brides. She’d be the one I’d contact for my wedding dress ;)

And finally, Laurie-Joy and Cyril, one of my favorite couples for 2016. They were kind and sweet, fun and, just like me, incredibly romantic. I was so glad when they contacted me and told me they wanted no one else (those words have a way of making me float amongst clouds for a while). We liked the same things and it was freeing to work with them: they let me be as creative as I wanted, willing to do anything (including walking into cold cold cold water, just to capture the… Oh wait, that’s for later, there is a trash the dress session as well :D —> Here.

Just scroll down, I’ll shut up now :p — Laurie-Joy and Cyril – thank you!!!


Wahclella Falls Intimate Wedding Wahclella Falls Intimate Elopement Wahclella Falls Intimate Wedding Wahclella Falls Intimate Elopement


Vendor List:

Venue: Wahclella Falls, Oregon

Photographer: Anne-Claire Brun

Wedding dress: Salomé Gautard

Doughnuts: Voodoo Doughnuts


  • Mais que c'est beau! Une ambiance boisée qui respire la fraîcheur. Une seule envie, y aller