Anne-Claire Brun Destination Photographer Puerto Rico Caribbeans

      “Anne-Claire is one of the best decisions we made for our wedding- Her personality is just the best- extremely flexible, genuine, and so easy to work with. Great planner and knows the right questions to ask. Sooo very appreciated when you are planning a wedding.

      Then the quality of her photos is unsurpassed. Gorgeous, and captures all the details, moments, and feeling.

      Plus she made me feel so comfortable when shooting, and was so respectful of everyone/everything. Couldn’t be more grateful that we found her!!!”

      Katie + Derek (Wedding) (Day After session)

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      Sophie David 1

      “Anne-Claire has photographed our wedding in Sept 2014 in France and we couldn’t be happier with the experience and the result.

      The process before the wedding was very smooth, great communication.
      On the day, Anne-Claire knows what she needs and what she’s doing. She managed to capture so many great photos (over 1000) still being discrete during the event.
      She has a great personality and it was a pleasure to share the special day with her.
      We already fell in love with her photographic style just looking at her portfolio, so we had no doubt she’d do a great job. But we just couldn’t believe how well she was able to capture the atmosphere of the day through her photography.
      She’s not on the clock and made it all very easy for us.”

      Sophie + David

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      Amy + Lawrence

      “Anne-Claire is so incredibly talented. I spent a long time researching photographers, but once I found Anne-Claire, no other photographer could compare. I am so beyond happy with how our photos turned out. We are still receiving compliments on our album, people say they it looks editorial. She knows how to tell a full story with her photographs and uses lots of sunlight so everything looks soft and lovely. Her shots are artfully composed but candid at the same time. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. But don’t take my word for it, have a peek for yourself and you’ll surely be delighted:

      Amy + Lawrence



      Celine + Jeremie

      “I’ve discovered Anne-Claire’s work 3 years ago. We didn’t planed yet to get married, but I loved her work so much, I wanted her to freeze our couple in time. Unfortunately she wasn’t available in France at this moment but it was only a matter of time !
      We contacted her for a pregnancy session and it was “love at the first sight” :)
      She is very professional and friendly as well. She knows what is the best regarding light or posture. She knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of her camera.
      And at the end, you receive so many beautiful pictures ! We “worked” with her 3 times (pregnancy, then a baby session, and our wedding) and we’ve never been disappointed.
      I heartily recommend her, and we look forward to have a new family session with Anne-Claire next summer !”

      Céline + Jérémie (Wedding) (Maternity) (Family) (Family session 2)

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      Amélie + Christophe - Wedding in the french countryside

      “Anne Claire est la première et la seule photographe que nous ayons contacté pour notre mariage, 13 mois avant le jour j ! Nous avions littéralement flashé sur ses photos et son “about” et le sourire rayonnant de sa photo nous ont inspiré que du bien, c’était décidé on la voulait à nos côtés pour cette journée exceptionnelle !

      Pour nous la photo est une passion, on adore ça ! On a conscience que les photos restent, elles sont primordiales, c’est elles que l’on montrera avec fierté à nos enfants plus tard “regardez papa et maman comme ils étaient beaux en 2013” ;) ! Bref,  c’était le point le plus important sur lequel nous n’avions pas mis de limite budgétaire. On a eu de la chance qu’elle soit en France cet été là et surtout que notre mariage l’inspire.
      Nous avons eu les plus belles photos de mariage de tous les temps, selon nous mais aussi selon notre famille, nos proches…Et même nos facebook friends ! ;) Héhé. Anne Claire a un talent fou en plus d’être adorable mais aussi juste la discrétion qu’il faut. Nous sommes plus que ravis de l’avoir eu pour notre mariage ! Merci encore Anne Claire, you are the Best ! “

      Amélie + Christophe (Wedding)

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      Emily + Jon

      “Anne-Claire is truly incredible at what she does. I can’t count the number of wedding photographers I looked at before finding Anne-Claire–but when I saw her work it was love at first sight. Her work is just so beautiful–whether you happen to know the people in her pictures or not. Having never planned a wedding before, I balked at the going rate of wedding photographers. But after getting back our wedding pictures from Anne-Claire I understood the value of having these most precious moments captured for us to enjoy for the rest of our lives. Her work is worth every cent and more.

      From our very first correspondence I knew I was really going to like working with her. She was sweet, helpful, and responded to my emails promptly. She was well organized and made sure that I had all the information I needed from her, and she had all the information she needed from me, well in advance. I really appreciated her willingness to come see and familiarize herself with the wedding venue prior to the day of the wedding. All throughout the process, I felt that Anne-Claire was just as invested as I was in making sure that we got the best product possible. The day of the wedding she moved around us imperceptibly. I don’t know how she did it–but she captured so much without me really being aware of her presence.

      My husband and I were brought to tears when we first saw our wedding photographs. It wasn’t just the pictures she had taken of us together–which were beautiful–we were in love with the pictures she took of our parents, our friends, the children, the venue, and all the little details that will help us remember throughout our lives what it felt like to be in that special moment. Anne-Claire has a unique gift of being able to look through her lens and find the art that already exists in each moment. She captured that day for us–the beauty, the emotion, the magic. I can’t recommend Anne-Claire highly enough!”

      Emily + Jon



      “Anne-Claire photographed our wedding in April and everything came out wonderfully! She is extraordinarily talented, as you can tell from looking at any of her photos. But she is also such a fun and friendly person to work with. She showed up early and worked tirelessly getting coverage of every little detail. She sent us the finished photos on time and we were thrilled with how they turned out. All the photos she took of our wedding are stunning. We highly recommend her!”

      Katherine + Kyle

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      Marion + Roman


      “Nous avons eu un véritable coup de foudre en découvrant le travail d’Anne Claire la première fois et n’avons pas du tout tergiversé quant à notre choix pour elle. Elle a été une évidence!
      Nous sentions une émotion particulière dans ses photos de mariage que nous ne trouvions pas dans le travail d’autres personnes. Nous adorions déjà cette sensibilité et cette façon assez magique de capter les émotions si fortes qui se dégagent lors de cette journée si particulière.
      Nous étions déjà émus de voir les photos de mariage de parfaits inconnus!!
      Anne Claire n’est pas seulement une photographe de très grand talent, elle a aussi une personnalité géniale, elle est très chaleureuse et tous les contacts que nous avons pu avoir lors des préparatifs (mails, Skype) jusqu’au jour du mariage ont été extrêmement agréables.
      Elle rend tout le processus facile et se rend disponible pour vous. Elle prépare cette journée de façon trés précise et s’assure que tout ce qu’on souhaite soit fait.
      Le jour de notre mariage, elle est arrivée souriante, sachant exactement ce qu’elle devait faire, une présence apaisante et discrète. Nos photos de couple ont été un très beau moment pour nous et nous étions très à l’aise avec elle. La journée s’est déroulée parfaitement, Anne Claire s’est aussi adaptée à notre manque d’organisation parfois, nous l’en remercions!
      7 mois après, je regarde toujours avec la même émotion les photos de notre mariage.
      C’est un investissement indispensable à mon goût et Anne-Claire est allée au delà de ce que j’espérais comme résultat. Grace à elle, je ressens à chaque fois les mêmes émotions que je vivais le jour de notre mariage, ce sont des moments précieux qu’on a l’impression de revivre à l’infini quand on s’offre les photos d’Anne Claire. Nous la recommandons très chaleureusement.”




      “I discovered Anne-Claire Brun by random chance. My then fiance and I were looking for a photographer to do engagement pictures for the weekend he was in town. To this day, I am so thankful that we found her.

      To start with our engagement session was so much fun, and she instantly made us feel comfortable. As soon as we were finished we knew we wanted her to do our wedding.

      We were married in San Diego, and she made the trip across the country for our wedding. She was always a pleasure to correspond with to go over last minute details, travel, meeting times, schedules etc. She was on time, professional, and a joy to work with. She got all of the shots that we had wanted with family, friends, etc. And used her creative eye to give us stunning pictures from getting ready to the ceremony and the rest of the wedding. She loves what she does, and it shows through in every shot she takes. To this day, people are still talking about and complimenting both our engagement and wedding photos.

      Anne-Claire was also quick to get our photos to us after the wedding. Unlike most wedding photographers she provides you with a disk of all of the photos from the day, instead of only a selection of a few. She also really takes the time to edit, so every photograph is just as beautiful as the last. We also received a coffee table book of photos from our day.

      All in all, choosing Anne-Claire as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made in the wedding planning process. She will not disappoint!”

      Jess + Josh (Wedding) (Engagement) (Day After)

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      “We are so grateful to have found Anne- Claire! We wanted to take last minute photos in NYC because that’s where we got engaged. We searched and searched and I fell in love with her photos. Thank fully she was available that weekend. We flew in, and there was a HUGE snow storm. So I didn’t think our photos would happen. I called her the next morning to see if she was available and thank fully she was and they came out AMAZING.

      So not only was she as cute as a button with her french accent,  she had such an eye for her craft. I would recommend her to anyone. Our photos turned out so great that we even got featured in Style Me Pretty NYC! Thank you Anne-Claire! We love love love our photos!”

      Michelle + Joe

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      “First of all, I have to quickly say that choosing Anne-Claire Brun to shoot your engagement or wedding photos is the best decision you could ever make.

      My husband and I got married in a private civil ceremony in New York City this past October, and thought it would be romantic and sweet to do something like an engagement session right after we said our vows and became husband and wife.

      I spent a lot of time searching for a New York photographer, but couldn’t find anyone with photos I fell in love with. Then, while looking through a random wedding blog that I probably stumbled upon through Pinterest, I saw a post with tons of photos that I automatically LOVED. They were exactly what I was looking for, so I clicked on the photographer’s website to get more info. Clearly, that was Anne-Claire’s site and it felt like a dream come true to see that she was located in Brooklyn, NY – same as me.

      I sent her an email and she wrote back right away (all of her emails have always been very, very sweet!), and we quickly decided on the time and place for the session.

      That day, we went from downtown Manhattan, across the Brooklyn Bridge, to end up at the Brooklyn Bridge Park which has always been one of my favorite NYC spots. Anne-Claire was down for anything and the experience was so much fun because she’s very personable and friendly. Plus, she’s very professional in a way where you know that while she’s taking the photos, she’s really getting awesome shots.

      When you have such special photos taken, it’s hard not to be super anxious to see them, and that’s just another reason Anne-Claire was so phenomenal – she sent a DropBox link to all of the photos less than two weeks later. They were all beautifully edited and we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have her as our photographer. We also received a disc in the mail with all of the images as well.

      I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve received on our photos – our friends and family were beyond impressed and still mention how gorgeous the pictures are.

      If you’re looking around for a photographer, you really shouldn’t look any further – Anne-Claire will impress you even more than you ever thought possible!”

      Kelsey + Chris

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      “Anne-Claire is the BEST and her photography is fantastic!! I wouldn’t hesitate even one second to recommend her for wedding photos (or really any occasion). We got married in New York City this past January.

      From our first contact before the event, she was extremely engaged and responsive. I could tell that she really cared about making our wedding photos exactly what we wanted them to be.

      On the day of, I couldn’t have been happier working with Anne-Claire. She made me feel completely comfortable and was super encouraging. I also often forgot that someone was taking my picture, which is probably the best way to feel. I always felt like she was taking the necessary pictures, but was certainly not in our way or anything like that. Anne-Claire is also just a really nice person and who doesn’t want to be surrounded by nice people on your wedding day!! She was lovely to chat with on the day of and really made the whole photo process super easy.

      Our photos are AMAZING! She got them back to us super quickly and I was most impressed with how she was able to capture all of the “moments” of the day. The pictures really bring me back to all the various moments and they have a real emotional quality to them. They are certainly not just a series of pictures; they truly tell the story of the day. I am so happy to have a collection of photos like this as I know it will help us really remember the day for years to come.

      And now, even after the event, Anne-Claire is still super responsive. She is helping us put our photo book together. It looks great and she is completely open to helping us make it look exactly how we want it to.

      From start to finish, I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding photography experience! We have received so many compliments on our photos. Everyone loves them! You should definitely consider Anne-Claire for your wedding. She is fantastic.”

      Dana + Geoff




      “Etant moi meme photographe, je suis très difficile et il y a beaucoup de choix pour un photographe à New York mais quand je suis tombé sur le site de Anne-Claire. Je suis tombée amoureuse de son travail, il n’y avait personne d’autres avec qui je souhaitais travailler ! Pas un jour ne passe sans que mon mari et moi nous regardions nos photos! Merci encore pour ce travail remarquable, je me suis jamais sentie aussi belle en photos !”

      Flora + Alex