Ireland Wedding Photographer

      In Summer 2015, I went to Ireland. I needed a road trip and Ireland was high on my bucket list. I rented a car for about 10 days and started driving North. Ireland Wedding Photographer

      I’ve always loved road trips, they clear my head and make me feel free. Every now and then I need one to remind me of who I am and what I’ve done so far. It’s funny how some people consider your life a failure if you don’t have kids – not that I don’t want them – but it shouldn’t make your life more valuable. I believe each choice of life has consequences and each choice in itself has a part of sacrifice in it.

      So I was on the road, with my choices and their consequences, and I was wondering if the choices that I’ve made were the right ones. I second guess myself a lot, especially during road trips. I wonder about the people in my life, the ones I love and who love me, the ones who left my life. It’s a lot of introspection, indeed!

      There were a few friends I wanted to visit, some from Australia and some that I met in the US. It was the last time I saw Josephine, my friend from Oz who just had a kid and has now passed away from her cancer. She was kind and full of life. In Australia, she was there for me when I hit a(nother) rough patch, stranded in Alice Springs with a dying van (also -again). She welcomed me and helped. She was one of the good ones.

      I drove around with the music deafening and the windows down (when it wasn’t raining – haha). One evening, I parked my little rental car on the side of the road, and after I stopped it, I felt it kept going, ever so slightly… into a ditch. I took the photos I stopped for – I thought I might as well :D – then I ran around for help. I run a while before finding a car packed with four Irish guys. I went to them and asked if they could save my car and we drove back. They pushed and got the car out of the ditch. I love meeting people on the road XD

      During the evenings though, I felt lonely. I loved the comfort and homey feeling of the bed and breakfasts I stayed at. I loved the tea with milk and cookies, every time, and the massive breakfasts that would last until the end of the day. I loved the castles everywhere, the old stones in general. I believe it’s from all that newness in the USA, it made me crazy about older things. I loved the history and the clouds coming and going, drawing shadows on the rolling hills… I loved it all.


      Ireland Wedding Photographer