Travel Dates

      Hi there!

      Here are my travel dates. If you are around and would like to meet up or to schedule a session, please, let me know! And if you’re not around, I would be happy to meet you, wherever you are. I always have my passport nearby and I love to travel so even if your city isn’t on my list yet, we can make it happen ;)

      Places I’m dying to go shoot a wedding: Scotland, New Zealand, Yosemite (always), a ranch in Wyoming, a national park in Utah (or around :p), Morocco, the desert, snowy mountains, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Greece (Santorini etc…), Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, anywhere with northern lights, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Hawaii, Japan, Cuba, Provence (always)…


      October: California (SoCal + NorCal)
      November: Provence (Aix en Provence), Marseille
      December: France (Arras, North of France, Metz)


      January: France (Lyon)
      February: France (Lyon, Pyrenees) + California
      March: California
      April: Northern California - San Francisco
      May: California
      June: California (Napa)- Seattle (Washington State)

      2024-2025: Provence, Marseille, Paris (France / Europe) + California + Worldwide for weddings