Day after on the beach

      After shooting their wedding in Mount Tam, Shelley and Gabriel were up for a day after on the beach and I couldn’t wait. If you don’t know what a day after session is, it’s the day following the wedding (it can be anytime after, really) and we take photos in jaw-dropping places, just for fun.

      It’s also call trash the dress, in case the bride is willing to do crazy things that may (or may not ;p) result in a dirty, sometimes torn, dress. That would be for the more intense trash the dress like something underwater, with sharks (just kidding).

      Why would they want another photoshoot, you ask? Well, sometimes, if they hired another photographer of course, they aren’t happy with their wedding photos and want some redone as a second chance. When I shoot their wedding, it’s because I didn’t steal them long enough from their guests and we decided we wouldn’t bother with couple photos on the wedding day and just do it the day after… And sometimes, it’s because they couldn’t pick their dream venue but still want photos in the spirit of it so we do them on a different day. I like when we shoot it the day after because they look the same, so it’s not really cheating ;p

      So anyway, day after session are fun. If you don’t feel like leaving your guests at all on your wedding day, this is a really awesome alternative. Thank you again Shelley and Gabriel! I loved creating with you guys!

      Day after on the beach

      Day after on the beach Day after on the beach Day after on the beach Day after on the beach Day after on the beach Day after on the beach