A Taste of Southeast Asia

      Travel / April 25, 2016

      A Taste of Southeast Asia A Taste of Southeast Asia is a blog post about my favorite photos from a month trip to Indonesia, Malaysia and back to Thai

      A Taste of Philippines

      Travel / November 14, 2017

      Philippines Wedding Photographer The Philippines were about diving, mostly. Thresher sharks, Whale Sharks, White tip sharks... I started diving two

      sunset costa rica

      A Taste of Costa Rica

      Travel / September 10, 2018

      Costa Rica Wedding Photographer I don't like losing control. It freaks the hell out of me.  At first I thought zip lining would be fun, not scary at

      A taste of Yosemite

      Travel / April 11, 2016

      Yosemite Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Mountains are always majestic, you know? But when I arrived in the val

      A Taste of India

      Travel / April 8, 2014

      In 2009, I went to India. I had no plans on going there, it wasn't on my bucket list and I already knew I didn't deal well with intense countries. But

      A Taste of Italy

      Travel / July 31, 2016

      Italy Wedding Photographer In 2013, I had decided to visit Italy. Italy and Australia were the two countries at the top of my list for as long as I c

      ireland wedding photographer

      A Taste of Ireland

      Travel / April 7, 2014

      Ireland Wedding Photographer In Summer 2015, I went to Ireland. I needed a road trip and Ireland was high on my bucket list. I rented a car for about

      A Taste of Bolivia

      Travel / January 21, 2013


      A Taste of Peru

      Travel / January 21, 2013

      A Taste of Colombia

      Travel / January 21, 2013

      A Taste of Ecuador

      Travel / January 21, 2013

      A Taste of Argentina

      Travel / April 6, 2012