Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Mountains are always majestic, you know? But when I arrived in the valley, I could see it everywhere. The light. Harsh, soft, golden, dappled, acting like a veil, falling slowly, gliding onto the trees, shining under the waterfalls, drawing rainbows and seeping through the leaves.

      I stayed a few nights with my husband and our Dog. We camped, fought over how to install the tent, laughed, walked, ate smore’s near the fire and woke up before sunrise to welcome the light.

      It was magic. Healing.

      I felt like I understood the appeal of so many artists. Poets, photographers, painters… All drawn to the area to witness its beauty. And I realized that the light was different here and I knew that this place would always be special to me.


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