Nina and Fabian came from Europe to have their engagement pictures taken in their favorite city. It was in December. I just moved to California in November so I flew back to New York. It was fun to be back.

      I know I’ll always miss all the craziness of this city. In New York, anything is possible. The best, the worst and everything in between. I became a professional photographer in New York. I have my favorite places, the places that nobody knows about (or so you think until it’s a warmer day and half of Manhattan is there!). New York is magic. I wasn’t meant to live there because I need space but it will always have a special place in my heart. I’ll always be happy to be back.

      So thank you, Nina and Fabian, for making me come back. It was awesome to shoot you in these places I might have been to for the last time.

      New York_Anne-Claire_Brun001New York_Anne-Claire_Brun002New York_Anne-Claire_Brun003New York_Anne-Claire_Brun004New York_Anne-Claire_Brun006New York_Anne-Claire_Brun007New York_Anne-Claire_Brun008New York_Anne-Claire_Brun009New York_Anne-Claire_Brun012New York_Anne-Claire_Brun010New York_Anne-Claire_Brun011New York_Anne-Claire_Brun013New York_Anne-Claire_Brun014New York_Anne-Claire_Brun015New York_Anne-Claire_Brun016New York_Anne-Claire_Brun017New York_Anne-Claire_Brun018New York_Anne-Claire_Brun019New York_Anne-Claire_Brun020New York_Anne-Claire_Brun021New York_Anne-Claire_Brun022New York_Anne-Claire_Brun023New York_Anne-Claire_Brun024New York_Anne-Claire_Brun025New York_Anne-Claire_Brun026New York_Anne-Claire_Brun027New York_Anne-Claire_Brun028New York_Anne-Claire_Brun029New York_Anne-Claire_Brun030New York_Anne-Claire_Brun031New York_Anne-Claire_Brun032