Costa Rica Wedding Photographer

      I don’t like losing control. It freaks the hell out of me. 

      At first I thought zip lining would be fun, not scary at all. I like heights. I like standing on the edge of cliffs and feeling the wind slap me. Makes me feel free. But then from the first zip line, I couldn’t break. I would try to put my hand, panic a little and then panic some more. The two first ones were test rides. The third one I wasn’t smiling anymore. I would see the landing arriving too fast and panic once more. Especially on the big one when I started twisting. Not being in control and not being able to learn when everyone was like “oh, that’s easy!” Not to me!

      I tried to reason myself, tried to breathe more. And something snapped while I was going down a tree in rappel.

      “You’ll be just fine”

      I don’t know what happened. I guess I remembered the time I bungee jumped. How I had no idea I would (could) just jump from a bridge of 103 meters high. 

      There was a Tarzan swing. Basically, jump and swing. I didn’t look down while they were attaching me to the rope. When it was time, I asked where to put my hands and I looked straight ahead… And then I was screaming – very very loudly :D. It was faster than the free fall from the bungee jumping though… Then I was swinging from the trees, taking it all in. Feeling like I was getting over my panic. Of course I didn’t know there were more zip lines. But I did a bit better… Or at least I didn’t panic as much about the breaking. 

      And finally was the best one of all.

      We went on the top of the mountain, over the cloud forest. They secured my chest, waist and feet. And I was flying. They call it “superman”. You get the visual. Nothing below. 1 km long.

      At first I was looking around… But then I looked down. There was an eagle hovering below me.

      And at that moment, just for a few seconds, we had the same view. For a few seconds, I was flying for real.

      You know that overwhelming moment when you laugh nervously but really you’re sort of crying of happiness?

      That was it.

      It was magic.

      And after the ziplining and the cloud forrest, the hummingbirds and the suspended bridges, it was waterfall after waterfall. We stayed at an Airbnb and the owner actually built his own house. It was all open and curved, no hard edges and I loved it instantly. We drove around and hiked to more waterfalls, crossing path with gorgeous blue butterflies (Blue Morpho Butterflies) – probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

      Costa Rica was pretty awesome. Expensive, yes, but worth it ;)